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Hands of Oshun aims to provide culturally sensitive and inclusive holistic care, support, and education tailored to the unique needs of all persons and birthing families on their path to wellness and/or parenthood. Hands of Oshun is dedicated to delivering expert massage therapy, comprehensive full spectrum doula services, and exceptional education and training programs to improve physical and emotional well-being, celebrate the beauty of childbirth, and promote informed decision-making, ensuring every person feels valued, confident, and empowered as they navigate life's transitions.


* Mobile massages are ONLY offered for spa parties, events and retreats, for the elderly or those with chronic pain/disabilities!


* A $35 travel convenience fee is required, and the appointment must be booked at least a week in advance.

Office Hours:

Fridays 10am-3:30pm Saturdays Noon-5pm Sundays 10am-3pm

Mon, Tues 10am-3pm

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