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About ME

Licensed massage therapist with a passion for healing and helping others! I offer outbound therapeutic massage services to my surrounding communities.

Owner of Hands of Oshun LLC, LMT, CPD, LE

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My name is Jahala Walker and I am a Denver native, mother, massage therapist, certified full spectrum doula, doula instructor, mentor, and overall healer. I offer services for all individuals and birthing families.


I have worked with children and families since I was a teenager, and I feel I have always been called into the development and healing of others. I’ve taught preschool, been a nanny, a college enrollment advisor, and now massage therapist and birth worker. As I have gathered these different tools, I realized that there was a huge need to bring holistic health and wellness to the forefront of BIPOC communities, which is where much of my work entails.


My time as a doula AND massage therapist has been a truly rewarding experience, as I have had the privilege of building personal and authentic relationships with my clients and families. I enjoy using my knowledge, support, and touch to facilitate comfort in the mind, body, and spirit. I am excited to be pulled in whatever direction is within my purpose around maternal health and overall wellness within the community.

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